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  • Jonathan Blain Speaks at Successful Selling Conference

    Jonathan Blain Speaks at Successful Selling Conference

    Uplifting, Inspiring and Educational
  • Jonathan Blain Keynote Speaker

    Jonathan Blain Keynote Speaker

    "Through my work, I intend to create an enabling, uplifting and positive revolution in the world, where people get to: see, think and act differently, so they can make things better for themselves, others, future generations and the entire world."
  • Jonathan Blain Extreme Game Changer

    Jonathan Blain Extreme Game Changer

    Jonathan speaks from the heart and is driven from a position of service and a deep desire to make a difference.

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Uplifts, Inspires and Educates

An Extreme Game Changer
When Jonathan was young, he used to enjoy watching movies, and decided he wanted to have the exciting, interesting and adventurous life that he saw people in the movies having. He took control of his life and set about becoming the author of his own life story and director of his own life movie. It led to some extraordinary highs and lows, he made and lost millions, became a best selling author with over $3.8m sales, and had numerous real life adventures including being shipwrecking in mid-Atlantic. A massive curiosity, led him on a journey of discovery; he wanted to understand the meaning and purpose of life, and how we can all make the most of our lives and our time on earth. That journey led him to an epiphany that transformed his life. He had a strong feeling that everything he had ever done, experienced and achieved, was part of a lifetime apprenticeship, to prepare him to help others on their life journey. His ego gave way to humility, as he discovered my destiny to become a servant for humanity, helping others.
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What People Say About Jonathan Speaking

  •   "Thank you very much for your contribution to Successful Selling. The feedback received has been excellent."
Jennie Harnaman Membership and Events Manager, ISMM
  • "I would like to thank you on behalf of the Professional Speakers Association UK for making your contribution this month to our members at the PSA Convention in Birmingham.   The feedback from our members on the Convention has been excellent.  Everyone found the event to be a massive 100% improvement on last year.  Our members received tremendous value from your expertise and thought the speakers overall were of high quality, and that we had a good blend of learning, networking and entertainment over the three days.   Once again I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your participation and contribution to the success of the Convention."
    Reg Athwal President, Professional Speakers Association
  • "I've met a lot of interesting people in my life and I have to say  Jonathan is quite unique, because he is what I would say is a no limits person, he doesn't think like anyone I have ever met, he doesn't see any barriers, he just sees another thing to get excited about. "
    Paul Bennett Director of Executive Education at Southampton Business School
  • "He applies the same psychology and organisation thinking in business challenges, and makes them an adventure, it takes business to another level , if you could put an extra zing and dynamism, into the business and the way people think about the business, it takes it to another level."
    David Sales Director of Marketing, BT Entertainment
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