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Jonathan Blain and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
In 2016, Professor Klaus Schwab wrote a book titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution". While industry might be economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories, Schwab's book is about the rapid advancement of technological changes in all fields, that are likely to fundamentally change almost everything. Schwab suggests the coming changes, will be greater than any previous changes that humanity has ever faced. These changes present both enormous opportunities, but also threats. The implications are profound; the speed at which technology is changing things is surprising everyone. Schwab's leadership in this field has awakened and energised leaders in all fields, and now "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" has the attention of the many luminaries, politicians, technologists and business people. In 2016, I wrote a book called "Feel Good Change The World", which has striking similarities between Schwab's book. I wrote about us living at a unique time in human history, on a knife-edge balance between huge opportunities and also threats, economically, politically, socially, environmentally and at individual and organisational levels. I talked about the exponential rate of progress and how we collectively need to create a better future, not just for each of us, but for future generations to come. My book was endorsed by many top leaders including Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, the ex-president of Luxembourg Parliament, who took over from Jean-Claude Juncker, environmentalist and peace activist Satish Kumar and leading businessman, entrepreneur and journalist, Sir John Timpson, who said: "you can do good whilst also doing good business". After writing "Feel Good Change the World Book", I realised that to achieve the changes needed in the world, new leadership would be required. I spent two years writing my new book; "Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters - The Most Powerful Strategy on Earth". It was only after I emerged from the bubble of my own writing, that I discovered Schwab's work and the extraordinary similarities, which have positioned me as a genuine thought leader and visionary in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with particular specialisation in Fourth Industrial Revolution Leadership. My background as a thought leader, natural Pioneering Leader and extreme game changer, former business leader and entrepreneur, with a broad knowledge of technology, with eight technology books written and published by the world's largest technology publisher, gives me relevance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. During my complex life story, my ego gave way to humility and I became a servant for humanity, with the objective of contributing toward creating a better future.
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Seek out and use wisdom.
Explore and you will discover the truth, about yourself, others and the wider world.
Think Differently
Be a force for good in the world.
See the bigger picture and also the detail. Think holistically and see the whole.
Act Differently
Use imagination and creativity to find new / better ways.
It takes real courage to lead, to break free from the herd mentality, but the prize is a better life and world.
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