Meet Jonathan Blain

Fourth Industrial Revolution Leadership Expert

Pioneering Leadership Expert

Extreme Game Changer

Servant For Humanity

And an Autodidact Polymath

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Coach

Jonathan Blain is a thought leader,  pioneering / fourth industrial revolution leadership expert, an extreme game changer, a servant for humanity, and an autodidact polymath who changes landscapes and moves the human race forward.

A Best Selling Author 14 Books / $3.8m+ Sales, Speaker, Consultant and Senior Executive Coach / Mentor and Entrepreneur

He is an advocate for peace and harmony, an agent for change and improvement, an opportunity creator and a visionary with powerful new ideas, and a belief that it is possible to make things better when you embrace the new enlightenment: Wisdom, Love and Imagination.....

Better Lives + Better Careers + Better Businesses and Organisations and A Better World

"When I was young I used to like watching movies, and I decided I wanted to have the sort of exciting, adventurous and rewarding life that I saw people in the movies having. I quickly realised that this life wasn’t going to be laid on for me, so I set about becoming the author of my own life story, and director of my own life movie. The result was that I gained a huge amount of experiences, both good and bad. I experienced some massive highs and lows, had plenty of real life adventures, made and lost millions, found myself in many life threatening situations, including being shipwrecked in mid-Atlantic, and at one time reached rock bottom. A massive curiosity, led me on a journey of discovery; I wanted to understand the meaning and purpose of life, and how we can all make the most of our lives and our time on earth. That journey led me to an epiphany that transformed my life. I had a strong feeling that everything I had ever learnt, discovered, done, experienced and achieved, was part of a lifetime apprenticeship, to prepare me to help others on their life journey. My ego gave way to humility, as I discovered my destiny to become a servant for humanity, helping others.
I am most comfortable at the leading edge of Progress, Human Endeavour and Enterprise, I specialise in finding world class, innovative and creative ways of solving problems, delivering improvement and creating and exploiting opportunities, which help people to live better lives, have better careers, run better businesses and organisations and make the world a better place."

Jonathan Offers New Thinking, New Ideas and New Solutions That Positively Change The Status Quo

Jonathan Blain - Life Story

It was July 21st 1969, I was six years old and I remember being woken up from a deep sleep by my parents, stumbling downstairs in my dressing gown and pyjamas, stepping over a rolled up carpet in the hallway onto the cold floorboard and into the lounge. Feeling sleepy and somewhat dazed I remember snuggling onto the sofa, the gas fire radiating heat and staring at our black and white television as Neil Armstrong stepped out of the lunar module and stepped onto the surface of the moon, saying “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. It was so exciting. The truth was that I liked watching TV at the best of times and I loved going to the cinema to see films on the big screen too.

“Deciding to become the author of my own life story and director of my own life movie” 

At some point in my childhood I remember thinking that I wanted to have the sort of exciting, adventurous, fun and rewarding life that I saw people in TV programmes and movies having. It was clear even at that early age that it was unlikely that the sort of life I wanted to live would be laid on for me, so I decided I was going to take charge of my own life as best I could, I wanted to become the author of my own life story, writer and director of my own life movie.

That early choice, set my life on a unique trajectory. I had a completely different outlook to most of my school friends, with one exception, my best friend Simon. We were typically, bold, daring and audacious, we didn’t particularly like rules, particularly if we thought they were pointless and we had a habit of testing the limits of many situations.

By the age of 13, I’d embarked on my first major adventure, walking over 100 miles with Simon, across virtually the width of Wales on our own. By the age of 14 I’d established my first serious business, buying watches from the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham on sale or return basis and selling them. At 15, I’d set up a skateboard club with some friends which grew to over 1500 members.

“Hybrid Life Experiencing the Ordinary and the Extraordinary”

To short cut a very long life story, I lived a hybrid life, living in the same ordinary world as everyone else for most of the time, them jumping into a parallel extraordinary world of excitement. adventure, fun and challenge. The net effect is that I’ve acquired a vast number of different experiences and real life stories, many of which would probably make interesting TV programmes or films. I’ve discovered that real life can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Amongst these stories are many potentially life threatening situations like being at sea in a Hurricane, with steady 120mph winds and mountainous seas, being shipwrecked during the two handed trans-Atlantic yacht race, resulting in a record breaking air sea rescue. My career has had three main parts. I started full time employment as a Royal Naval Officer, becoming the youngest compliment officer in the fleet. I then spent 10 years with the Mobil Oil Corporation, which was then the world’s fourth largest corporation, after which I became an entrepreneur, business owner and self-employed in a whole raft of different sectors. I floated my company achieving a record breaking IPO, spending nearly 5 years as CEO of a Quoted Company, entered into a joint venture business with a UK Top 100 / FTSE 100 business prior to which I'd been working from my home office, becoming a best-selling author of 13 books with over $3.8m sales on technology, business / entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, careers and personal development / growth. My work has been endorsed by many top leaders including nine heads of UK top 1000 companies including: Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, St James’s Place, Swiss Re, The Director General of the Institute of Directors and the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy and even an ex President of the country of Luxembourg.

“Huge Highs and Lows – Created Massive Learning Experience”

It has been a life, career and business journey characterised by immense highs and lows, I made and lost millions, I’ve triumphed, I’ve experienced countless struggles, setbacks, challenges and hurdles, bounced back, learnt valuable lessons, fought back, grown, developed and become stronger and wiser. I developed an insatiable curiosity, and a desire to achieve a deeper understanding about anything I became interested in, which led me on a succession of journeys of exploration and discovery. I discovered that to move from an ordinary existence to an extraordinary one, it not just about what you do in the outer world; to move to another level, you need to go on an inner journey of discovery and growth.

“Becoming An Extreme Game Changer and a Servant For Humanity”

I discovered fairly early on in life, that I am the opposite of a status quo person, I am a pioneer, most comfortable looking for better ways; questioning why?, why not? and what if?, developing an inexhaustible well of creativity, that means I am most comfortable at the leading edge of progress, human endeavour and enterprise.

It came as little surprise when I did some personal assessment to discover that I am an extreme game changer, innovator, mould breaker, disrupter and pioneer.

I have a massive curiosity and love exploring, seeking out and discovering the truth, making connections and changing the game. I have travelled and at times worked in different places and with people from different parts of the world, and I made a powerful discovery that all of us, see the world, not at it really is, but as we are; in other words from our own perspective. By experiencing so many different perspectives, I believe I gained wisdom, that challenged the certainties that I previously had and changed the outlook of my own life. Those early thoughts of what I wanted as a young child, felt like they came from a “self-centred” position, a position driven by ego that means you look at yourself and think: “I am what I have, my possessions define me”, I am what other people think of me, my reputation defines me”, “I am my successes and achievements, my status defines me”. The modern world seems to me to be about achieving success and getting on in your life, which is easily translated into money, wealth and all those ego identification things. Being rich and famous is often seen as the epitome of success, yet often people who achieve these things are miserable, depressed and many end up deliberately taking their own lives or accidentally killing themselves. I believe there are higher levels of consciousness that we can live at when the meaning and purpose of life does not conform with the majority. There is nothing inherently wrong with wealth or the career success I have discussed, I just believe it is not the end goal, happiness, fulfilment and making a difference should be the end goal. I don’t believe our lives should all about us as individuals, being self-centered doesn’t bring you the happiness and fulfilment you think it will.

If you seek out the happiest people in the world, I believe you will discover that they are the ones who make the biggest difference to others, and those who recognise they are who they really are at the deepest level and are that person in the real world, their true authentic selves, rather than trying to be a person who they are not.

I came to these conclusions via personal experience, research, exploration and study. I learnt you have to be who you really are, why do you think we are called human beings and not human doings?

I got a very strong feeling that everything I had done, experienced, learnt and achieved, both good and bad was a part of a lifetime apprenticeship to help me to help others on their life journeys. My arrogance was replaced by humility and I discovered my life purpose was to embrace the fact that I am an extreme game changer, with an enormous well of creativity, a powerful imagination and a deep desire to make a difference, to change landscapes, move the human race forwards and be a servant to humanity, to help others to live better lives, have better careers, run better businesses and organisations and make the world a better place. I recognised that our lives are intrinsically linked to our careers, and our lives and careers are linked to organisations and that as members of the human race, we individually have the potential to impact others and the wider world in a positive negative or neutral way. I am most comfortable at the leading edge of progress, human endeavour and enterprise. Nothing makes me happier than helping others to: achieve more, be more, do more, know more, have more and make a bigger difference.

I help people to see differently, think differently and act differently to create a better, brighter for themselves, for others and for the wider world.  I offer solutions that are typically, new different and better than mainstream ones; that push into the space in front of what is considered “best practice”, that have the potential to disrupt and change the game, to gain advantage and improvement over the status quo and the best of today. I enjoy taking any problem, issue, challenge or opportunity to the highest level to achieve the best results and outcomes.

I am driven by the three tenets of the new enlightenment that I am leading: Wisdom, Love and Imagination.

With the world finely balanced between great opportunities on one side, and huge threats, economically, politically, socially, environmentally and individually on the other, I believe we need new thinking, new ideas and new solutions urgently. There is no point following the herd if the herd are going in the wrong direction, but it takes real courage to dare to be different, to take a different path to the majority.


"To create an enabling, uplifting and positive revolution in the world, where people get to see think and act differently, making things better for themselves, others and the wider world." (This is what Jonathan means by "Moving The World")


"In everything that I do, I seek to be a force for good, to discover and use wisdom, love and imagination and to help others to: Achieve More, Be More, Do More, Have More, Know More and Make a Bigger Difference."


"I seek to offer solutions that are at the leading edge of Progress, Human Endeavour and Enterprise, that have the potential to change the game and create the best results and outcomes." (I am an Extreme Game Changer and Enjoy Leading)

Why Jonathan?

A Lifetime of Extraordinary Experiences and Achievements with Extreme Highs and Lows has given him Humility and Transformed him into a Servant For Humanity.

New Thinking


New Ideas


New Solutions

An Ex Royal Naval Officer

Wide range of experiences. Holds equivalent of a warship driving license. Trained at Britannia Royal Naval College, which was where the Queen met Prince Philip, and where Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and the Prince of Tonga who is now King trained. Became the youngest compliment officer in the fleet.

Experienced Business Leader

10 Years with Mobil Oil Corp + MD of FTSE 100 Subsidiary + 5 Yrs CEO of Quoted PLC + lots of Entrepreneurial and SME Experience. Achieved record breaking IPO. Worked in many different sectors and supported his wife for 25 running one of the UK's best Montessori Nursery and Forest Schools in Henley on Thames. (Denning Montessori School)

Bestselling Author

13 Books Published / Sales $3.8M +. Work endorsed by many top leaders including nine heads of UK top 1000 companies, including Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, Director General of Institute of Directors, First Sea Lord of Royal Navy, Co-Founder of software giant SAP, the ex President of Luxembourg and many others.

Writes books, articles, marketing, PR, business plans, Senior Executives CV's / Resumes, training courses etc.
Consults on a wide variety of business, technology and strategy topics.
Speaks at events, workshops, seminars, board meetings and on TV and the Radio
Trains in person and also via webinars, online learning, audio / video training courses.
Coaches and mentors mostly senior executives and high net worth individuals. Also delivers affordable group coaching.
Motivates, inspires and uplifts others.

Motivated to Help Others Solve Problems and Drive Improvements and Create Opportunities

Guided by Wisdom, Love and Imagination.
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Jonathan Blain Bio

A thought leader with world-class expertise in pioneering / fourth industrial revolution leadership. A visionary, game changer 10/10 GC Index & Purple Squirrel, with inexhaustible well of creativity & director / implementer skills.

Bestselling Author 14 Books Published / $3.8m+ sales, on Leadership, Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Selling, Careers, Life Management etc., A Thought Leader, Philosopher, Speaker, Problem Solver, Improvement Specialist. Versatile Interim / Consultant / Leader / NED / Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur. Ex Royal Navy Officer, CEO of Quoted Plc + MD of FTSE 100 Subsidiary.

In everything, he looks to make a difference, challenge the status quo, push for progress, make things better, create & exploit opportunities, & achieve extraordinary things.

Catalyst & driver of change, transforms the future; open to new ideas, at vanguard / leading edge of progress, human endeavour & enterprise; an innovator, pioneer & visionary, offering: Inspiring New / Lateral Thinking, Ideas, Solutions, & Paradigms, helping people / organisations:

1. Achieve Better Careers
2. Live better lives
3. Run better & more successful businesses & organisations
4. Make the world a better place

Hits ground running, making an almost immediate impact; intuitively understands people & situations; quickly & accurately sizes up situations. Sees big picture, gains intuitive perceptions, applies rational, logical & insightful thinking, joins dots, creates vision, strategies & solutions, translating them into plans, action / results. 

Enjoys working on complex problems; unceasing in pursuit of wisdom. Inventive & independent, can be extremely perceptive of the potential contained in the views of others. Finds problems stimulating, ingenious in tackling complex situations. Inspires & encourages others, exhibits excellent interpersonal skills. Has imagination & foresight seeing possibilities; open minded, curious & observant; has excellent long range vision. Makes things happen. Original thinking generates a constant stream of ideas. Has high standards, infectious enthusiasm, positivity & vitality.

  • "It was nearly twenty years ago that we worked together and I remember those days like they were yesterday. You were a driving force, and I think what happened, was I found someone who could motivate through praise not fear. You were there to help me get the most out of people. I will always remember you with a smiling face and a very positive force".
    Mark Wilson - COO - Fraser Group
  • "I do hope you enjoyed the chat with Jonathan. He is a fabulous guy and he is so in love with life and always looking for the positives, he has a lovely family surrounding him. If he is going to bump into someone, he doesn't bump into strangers, the bumps into people who are going to be friends for life, and they are likely to be people who are right up there, more likely to be on the A-B side than the Z side"
    Mary Flavelle - Presenter - Marlow FM
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